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Paper collections of ESRI 2010

 Paper collections of ESRI 2010

No. Title Journal Author Date of publication
No.0001 Molecular phylogenny of the Pycnontus sinensis and Pycnonotus taivanus in Taiwan based on sequence variations of nuclear CHD and mitochondrial cytochrome b genes. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 38: 195-201(SCI) Chang, H. W., Y. C. Chou, Y. F. Su, C. A. Cheng, C. T. Yao*, C .L. Tsai, H. C. Lee, and C. H. Wen 2010
No.0002 Population structure in endangered cyprinid fish Pararasbora moltrechti in Taiwan baesd on mitochondrial and microsatellite DNAs. Zooglogical science in press Chiang, T. Y., T. W. Lee*, K. C. Hsu, C. H. Kuo, D. Y. Lin,and H. D. Lin 2010
No.0003 Composition and characteristics of buterfly communities in different types of habitat on Hohaunshan. Formosan Entomol 30: 273-295 Chiu, Y. C., H. S. Fang*,and F. H.Hsu 2010
No.0004 Allelopathic potential of Rhododendron formosanum Hemsl. in Taiwan Allelopathy Journal 25(1): 73-92(SCI) Chou, S.C., C. H. Huang*, T. W. Hsu, C. C. Wu, and C. H. Chou 2010
No.0005 Validation of Spolornis cheela hoya-TaqMan prodes for potential gender identification to many Accipitridae eagles. Theiogenology 73: 404-411(SCI) Chou, T. C., C. T. Yao*, S. H. Su, W. S.Chen, Y. C. Hung, C. C. Cheng, C. N. Tseng, H. M. Wang, Y. C. Chou, S. S. L. Li, D. L. Gu, H. W. Chang 2010
No.0006 Habitat evaluation using suitability index and habitat type diversity: A case study involving a shallow forest stream in central Taiwan Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 127: 689-704(SCI) Chou, W. C., and M. D. Chuang* 2010
No.0007 Moss Flora of Lanyu, Taiwan Bull. Natl. Mus. Nat. Sci., Ser. B 36(3): 91-105 Higuchi, Masanobu, Naoki Nishimura, K. Y. Yao*, S. H. Lin 2010
No.0008 A Review of the Family Tessaratomidae (Hemiptera: Pentatomoidea) of Taiwan with Descriptions of Two Newly Recorded Genera and Five Species. Taiwan Journal of biodiversity 12(4): 393-406 Ho, J. Z*., and Y. F. Chen 2010
No.0009 Life cycle of the aquatic firefly Luciola ficta (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 13: 189-196 Ho, J. Z*., P. H. Chiang, C. H. Wu, and P. S. Yang 2010
No.0010 Three Newly Naturalized Species of the genus Ludwigia(Onagrceeae). Taiwan Journal of biodiversity 12(3): 303-308 Hsu, T. W.*, C. I. Peng, T. Y. Ching and C. C. Huang 2010
No.0011 Eria gagnepainii A. D. Hawkes & A. H. Heller (Orchidaceae), a newly recorded species of Taiwan Taiwan Journal of Forest Science 25(4): 353-359 Hu, Ai-Qun,Su, Mong-Huai,Ho-Ming,Chang,*Wang, Jenn-Che 2010
No.0012 Macrohabitat characteristics and distribution hotspots of endemic bird species in Taiwan Taiwania 55(3): 216-227 Ko, C. Y., R. -S. Lin, and P. F. Lee. 2010
No.0013 Flavanone and Diphenylpropane Glycosides and Glycosidic Acyl Esters from Viscum articulatum. Journal of Natural Products Kuo, Yu-Jen ,Yu-Ching Yang,Li-Jie Zhang,Shy-Yuan,Hwang 2010
No.0014 Rejecting strictly allopatric speciation on a continental island: Prolonged postdivergence gene flow between Taiwan (Leucodioptron taewanus, Passeriformes Timaliidae) and Chinese (L. canorum canorum) hwameis. Molecular Ecology 19: 494-507(SCI) Li, J. W., K. L. Yeung, P. W. Tsai, R. C. Lin, C. F. yeh, C. T. Yao, M. H. Le, l. Han, Q. S. Wang, P, Ding and S. H. Li 2010
No.0015 Genetic introgression between an introduced babbler, the Chinese Hwamel (Leucodioptron canorus), and endemic Taiwan Hwamei (L. taewanus): a multiple marker systems analysis. Journal of Avian Biology 41: 64-73(SCI) Li, S. H., J. W. Li, C. C. Huang, C. K. L. Yeung, L. Han, M.H. Le, C. X. Wang, P. Ding, and C. T. Yao* 2010
No.0016 Pylaisia buckii, sp. nov. (Pylaisiaceae, Bryophyta) from Taiwan Nova Hedwigia 91: 187-191 Hsu, Tsai-Wen, S.-J. Moore,Y. Liu,*T.-Y. Chiang 2010
No.0017 Axenic Synthesis of Ericoid Mycorrhiza in Rhododendron formosanum with Phialocephala Species. Taiwan Journal of Forest Science 25(3): 243-250(EI) Lei-Chen,Lin,M. J. Lee,J.L. Chen 2010
No.0018 Morphology and Ultrastructure of Root-Fungus Association of Rhododendron formosanum Hemsl. in Sanlinchi Forest of Central Taiwan. Taiwan Journal of biodiversity 12(2): 225-233 Lin, L. C., M. J. Lee and Y. Z. Wang 2010
No.0019 Population status and distribution of the Endangered yellow-margined box turtle Cuora flavomarginata in Taiwan. Oryx 44: 581-587(SCI) Lin, Y. F.,S. H. Wu,T. E. Lin, J. J. Mao, T. H. Chen 2010
No.0020 Origins and Founder Effects on the Japanese Masked Palm Civet Paguma larvata (Viverridae, Carnivora), Revealed from a Comparison with its Molecular Phylogeography in Taiwan Zoological Science 27: 499-505 Ryuichi Masuda,Liang-Kong Lin,Kurtis Jai-Chyi Pei,Yayoi Kaneko,Koji Yamazaki,Tomoko Anezaki,Shuuji Yachimori,Tatsuo Oshida,Yen-Jean Chen,Shih-Wei,Chang 2010
No.0021 Recent range-wide expansion in a Taiwan endemic montance bird, Steere's Liocichla (Liocichia steerii). BMC Evolutionary Biology 10: 71 McKay, B. D., H. L. Mays Jr., Y. W. Peng, K. H. Kozak, C. T. Yao* and H. W. Yuan 2010
No.0022 Molecular phylogenny of the spoonbills (Aves: Threeskiornithidae) based on mitochondrial DNA. Zootaxa 2603: 53-60 Terry, C. R., C. K. L. Yeung, C. T. Yao*, X. H. Tian, and S. H. Li 2010
No.0023 Four new species of Amynthas earthworms (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae) from the Central Mountain Range of southern Taiwan Journal of Natural History 44(21-22): 1251-1267 Chu-Fa Tsai,*Huei-Ping,Shen,Su-Chen Tsai 2010
No.0024 The Identity of Alpinia koshunensis Hayata (Zingiberaceae) Taiwania 55(1): 1-5 Tseng, Yen-Hsueh,Ching-Yu Liou, Shin-Ming Ku, Chih-Chiang Wang 2010
No.0025 Evidence for two male morphs of Luciola cerata olivier (Coleoptera:Lampyridae). Exhibiting distinct mating behavior, with implications for sexual selection. The Coleoperists Bulletin 64(3): 235-242 Wu, C. H., M. L. Jeng, S. Adam, J. Z. Ho, and P. S. Yang 2010
No.0026 Burst Swimming Speeds of Two Minnows Acrossocheilus paradoxus and Varicorhinus barbatulus in Relation to Water Temperature and Body size Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan 7(1): 37-48 Ming-Fon,Yeh,Chuan-Huang Ho,* Min-An Lee 2010
No.0027 Critical Swimming Speeds and Maximum Sustainable swimming speeds of the Minnows Acrossocheilus paradoxus and Varicorhinus barbatulus in Comparison to the Burst Swimming Speeds Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan 37(1): 49-63 Yeh,Ming-Fong*,Chuan-Huang Ho and Ming-An Lee 2010