Public Opinion Mailbox

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Process of Handling the Public Opinion Mailbox
The process of handling the Internet e-mails of this institution are as follows:
1. The Computer Office - Receive the mails:
The Computer Office is responsible to turn on the mail server and check the e-mails every morning ( except holiday )-->Print the mails out-->The Secretariat Office distributes all files and documents ( to be raised and sent to Chief Secretary if necessary )--> All the receiving files and mails will be logged by Computer Office for further check -->Send to various administering Offices or Units in charge.
2. Each Section, Office, Station
The e-mails and documents will be distributed by chief of each Section, Office, Station and sent to the personnel in charge-->In accordance with the principles of dealing the e-mail and answering fixed-form documents, the personnel in charge decides to handle the file documents and then sent to the higher-level chief-->After reviewing and judging from the higher chief, the personnel in charge transmit the e-mail file ( including all the contents of opinions, decisions ) to the Answering E-Mailbox of this institute, all the receiving mails and fixed-form documents shall be sent to the Computer Office-->the Computer Office answers and saves all the mails coming from readers through the institute's e-mail ( ).