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  The Endemic Species Research Institute is divided into five divisions: the Division of Zoology, the Division of Botany, the Division of Habitats and Ecosystems, the Division of Management, and the Division of Interpretation and Education; It has four research stations: the Low Altitude Experimental Station, the Medium Altitude Experimental Station,  the High Altitude Experimental Station, and the Qigu Research Center; and three offices: Secretariat, Accounting and Personnel. The duties of each section are as follows:

  Division of Zoology: Endemic animal species distribution, population numbers, morphology, behavior, breeding, and conservation method survey and related research.

  Division of Botany: Endemic plant species distribution, population numbers, morphology, breeding, and conservation method surveys and related research.

  Division of Habitats and Ecosystems:Survey and monitoring of important ecosystems and habitats and related research.

  Division of Management: Endemic plant and animal species rearing, genetic resource conservation, collection and storage, breeding, restoration and related research, experimental station management, and other research according to the needs of other divisions.

  Division of Interpretation and Education: Conservation and research achievement publication and promotion, conservation information database management, ecological education material production, promotion, service, display, study, and other promotional activities.

  Secretariat Office: Performance reviews, agenda, public relations, secretarial, administration, correspondence, petty cash, general management, asset management, and other miscellaneous affairs.

  Accounting Office: Annual accounting, general accounting and statistical affairs.

  Personnel Office: Human resource affairs.