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TESRI's basic work in the near future will take the following directions:


We will conduct comprehensive bio-inventory and expect to complete and publish a initial inventory information within 10 years.


ResearchThe Institute will recruit specialist personnel in accordance with each Division's operating needs, and conduct systematic research into the morphology, biology and behavior of the various endemic species and into methods of conserving them and protecting their habitat.


We will actively protect native species and their habitats and carry out conservation breeding, cultivation, rehabilitation and specimen preservation work.


We will produce complete and comprehensive ecology teaching materials, organize study and training activities for conservation staff at every level and for the general public, in order to provide effective local ecology education.
TESRI is the ROC's only experimental and research establishment dedicated entirely to surverying, researching and conserving endemic animal and plant species and special ecosystems. It is also one of a very small number of specialized nature conservation agencies worldwide. As such the expectations placed on the Insitute are tremendous, and in order to achieve our clearly defined but enormously difficult objectives, as well as relying on the hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and team spirit of all our staff, we hope even more that in all aspects of our conservation work - whether research, inventory or education - we can receive the support and assistance of conservation and conservation-related agencies, organizations, experts, scholars and officials inside and outside the ROC, be it in the form of personnel, materials, equipment, funding or technical guidance. The decision to establish the Institute is one which should never be regretted. For the protection of our native natural resources, for our own survival and that of later generations, we will strive to make its work a success.