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Division of Habitats and Ecosystems

Division of Habitats and Ecosystems (Ecosystem Management)

  Habitat loss was one of the main reasons for the loss of biodiversity. The conservation and restoration of habitats have become a major challenge to promote biodiversity conservation. Many important and unique ecosystems in Taiwan have been threatened by overexploitation, pollution, cement riparian, and invasive species. These factors are continually causing the fragmentation, degradation and loss of habitat, as well as the reduction, endangerment, and even loss of native species.

  For the conservation of each important and unique habitats and ecosystems, the division focus on the researches below:

(A)Monitoring the status and the trends of specific ecosystems

We construct large-scale systems to monitor different ecosystems, especially the alpine, wetland, coastal and freshwater ecosystems which are fragile, to understand the structure and functions of the habitats and ecosystems.

(B)The evaluation of the pressures to the specific habitats and ecosystems

Evaluating the influences of climate change, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, pollution and invasive species.

(C)Planning the conservation strategies and actions for habitats and ecosystems

 (a)Intergrade different biodiversity information and knowledge to assess the hotspots and plan the conservation area networks.

 (b)To know the threatened situation of the important habitats and suggest the adjusted strategies.

 (c)Restoration studies for degraded habitats and ecosystems.

(D)Case studies for catastrophe event for biodiversity loss.

(E)Monitoring and reporting the national biodiversity indicators.

  According to the biodiversity indicators of CBD, the status and trends of ecosystems are important research objectives. Hence, we try to understand the status and trends of the biodiversity by large-scale monitoring projects. We followed CBD to provide the biodiversity information for conservation and management strategies.

The chief of Division of Habitats and Ecosystems: Dr. Ruey-Shing Lin (886-49-2761253/rslin@tesri.gov.tw)

There are four labs in this division, including Biodiversity Indicators, Wetland and Costal Ecosystems, Freshwater Ecosystem, and Habitat Restoration Labs. Please visit webpages of each lab to get more details.