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Research Programs of 2010

Research Programs of 2010


Study of Miscanthus as biomass energy crop.

2. Studying developing monitoring mechanism for immediate response to the impacts of global change on biodiversity.
3. Exploitaion and extension of biodiversity in leisure tour.
4. The study to develop a process for cultivation of Tsarm Yung Chung Tsao and sporocarps extractions applied thereby.
5. Constructing wireless sensor network at constructed wetland environmental Effects Monitoring.
6. Establishment of information database for ecological engineering.
7. Survey on impact of life cycle and ecological demands by artificial facilities.
8. Survey on ecological impact by artificial facilities and the database establishment.
9. Ecological curriculum development and education for civil engineers.
10. Phylogeography and population structure of endemic wildlife in Taiwan based on nucleotide variation of DNA sequences.
11. Generation and preservation of interspecific cloned embryos in Formosan Black Bear.
12. Wildlife taxanomy and conservation in Taiwan.
13. Population ecology and behavioral studies of the wildlife of Taiwan.
14. Physiology, ecology and application of wildlife.
15. The survey of macroinvertebrate in the western Taiwan and benthal algae on major estuaries.
16. Wildlife inventory, application and establishment of data bank.
17. Inventory of the bryophytes in Taiwan and set up the database at the Endemic Species Research Institute (ESRI).
18. Establishment of national biodiversity indicator system - survey of species diversity of nature reserve and major wildlife habitat to assessment the management strategy and compile and publish of plant red list of Taiwan.
19. Studies on the development and utilization of the native plants(2/2).
20. Establishment of extention network for community biodiversity conservation.
21. An evaluation of wetrlands and lake to use for pollution control and wildlife resource.
22. Impact of climate change to biodiversity—construction of long term inventory system for biodiversity in Taiwan.
23. Monitoring and management of the special habitat.
24. Monitoring of biodiversity and management of wildlife sanctuary in Tainan area.
25. The survey of alien invasive species in Taiwan.