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The Rules and Regulations for Visiting Ecological Education Park

The rules and regulations for visiting Ecological Education Park of Endemic Species Research Institute, C.O.A.

1. The Ecological Education Park (from here on referred to as the park) was constructed, and managed by Endemic Species Research Institute (from here on referred to as ESRI), the purpose are to provide a facility for ecological studies and education, and an opportunity for general public to experience an unspoiled ecosystem. To ensure the long-term existence and functioning of the ecosystem, and to ensure that present and future visitors are provided the same opportunity, it is imperative that visitors adhere to the following rules and regulations.

2.To ensure the safety and maintenance of the ecosystem, and to minimize disturbance. The collection of any specimen or material can only be done under prior written approval.

3. Except strollers (pram) and wheelchairs, no form of mechanized transportation – including cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters, are permitted in the park.

4. The park is only for sightseeing, so the collection of any plant or animal materials is strictly prohibited. No animal or plant species may be introduced into the park, and no pets either. Visitors are not allowed to feed the animals or touch any of the fauna and flora. Hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, littering, setting of fires, selling any objects, distributing of pamphlets, playing any games or sport, any form of public indecency, drinking alcohol, carrying dangerous objects, playing with the water in any of the water bodies, or any other activities that may have detrimental effect on the ecosystem are also forbidden. Visitors are also requested to be as quiet as possible to minimize disturbance to the wildlife.

5. For any group activities, the applicants are responsible for maintaining order within the group, and a leader is required to take the responsibility of the group. Visitors will be held responsible for any damages to the ecosystem and equipment, and may be asked to pay compensation for the damages.

6. The park is constructed to resemble a natural ecosystem, visitors are reminded to be careful. Since all the visitors who enter the park should agree and follow the rules and regulations mentioned above, the ESRI and the staffs of the park will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries sustained by visitors while in or around the park.

7. Visitors are not allowed to destroy or change any aspects of the park. Written permission is necessary for the removal of any equipment or fauna and flora materials from the park.

8. Visitors are responsible for keeping the park and the surroundings clean and free of the litter.

9. ESRI reserves all rights in correcting any improper behaviour of the visitors, searching equipments and belongings of visitors if who is suspected in carrying illegal items or dangerous weapons, and reporting to the police authorities whenever it is necessary.